Frequently asked questions

What is Forexero?

We are information site for traders, focusing on providing traders with high-quality market analysis, in-depth insight, live market updates and signals 24/7. We also provide real-time trading signals for all different markets with a simply button click. Apart from our great trading signals, we provide wide knowledge base for traders which includes the best forex trading courses, an advances forex trading strategies category, and education center.

Why should I use your signals?

Simply because we know what we are doing. Our indicators and trading signals are built with our in-depth knowledge and expertise in the financial markets and proven strategies that yield consistent, great results. We are trustworthy and reliable, and we are transparent with our results.

Do you offer free forex signals?

Yes. Visit our forex signals page or Telegram channel to access the most recent trading signals. Additionally, we provide a premium forex signals service that comes with other perks like email and smartphone notifications for trading signals. The forex trading strategies in our website are free to use. Find a range of trading techniques, including fundamental, technical, and well-liked forex trading tools.

Can I use signals as a beginner?

Absolutely yes. Any trader can be successful on the forex market and you are no different, You don’t need to have any special training or prior trading experience. You may start trading forex right away and eventually become a successful and wealthy trader. Even if you have no prior experience trading forex, you may easily join this incredible industry. For example, inexperienced traders can easily follow our profitable forex trading signals without worrying about technical analysis or market timing. This is the best way to take advantage of the experience and knowledge of our analysts while educating yourself about forex trading.

How can I reach you?

The best way would be to contact our professional team in our 24/7 live chat and get immediate response to any question that you have, our team will assist and guide you on everything that you need from trading questions to technical support. You can also reach us on different channels from our contact us Page

What is your success rate?

Our team of professional traders and analysts have been delivering high success rate signals since 2016. Our success rate is 85% on average and our members make at least 2000 pips monthly.

Where can I check your results?

We post our trading results every month on our trading results page. If you need to know the performance of a specific asset please contact us.

What do I get by signing up?

Once you register you will have access to our free signals, trading tools, trading academy and courses, while our VIP members get more benefits you don’t have to pay anything to enjoy our service and trading tools.