How to install Forexero Copier

Mac users: If you’re running macOS, see Install Forexero Copier on VPS.

Congratulations on signing up for Forexero Copier. This guide walks you through the entire process of installing and activating Forexero Copier on your Desktop.

STEP 1: Confirm your email address.

After you subscribe you will receive an email with a link to confirm your email address:

Click on “Confirm Email” and it will lead you to the the login form where you will be required to create login email and password:

Once you finish creating your login details, sign in to your account and it will take you to your account management page.

STEP 2: Add your MT4/MT5 account ID.

On your account page, you will be able to see the download link for the installer and a section to insert your MT4/MT5 account ID:

If you are using a DEMO account, then insert your ID below the DEMO type account.
If you are using a LIVE account, then insert your ID below the LIVE type account.

In order to copy your MT4/MT5 ID simply open your application and go to: File –> Login to trade account

Then copy your Metatrader ID and insert it on the website under “Account Number” and click on “SAVE”.

STEP 3: Download and Install the Copier

After entering your MetaTrader account number, click “Installer File” and the download will begin immediately, navigate to the file location and run it.

If your Windows firewall is enabled, you may need click on “More info” and then “Run anyway”:

After that, you can continue with the installation, making sure to also create a desktop shortcut; the installer will automatically place the EA in your MT4/MT5 location:

STEP 4: Connect the App to Telegram

Launch the desktop shortcut you created. Enter your Telegram number with + and country code, for example +44 if you are from the United Kingdom, and click “Connect.”

Then you will receive a code to your telegram that you need to insert and click on “Confirm code”:

After you confirm the code, you will see a list of all the channels/groups that you are currently subscribed to. Tick only the channels that you want to copy from, and keep in mind that you can copy more than one channel at a time so make sure you consider before you enable more than one channel at a time!

*The app acts as a bridge between Telegram and MT4/5, so it must be running at all times when you want to copy signals from Telegram. Unless you use a VPS, the signals will not be copied when the app is closed.

*The app will work even when minimized.

STEP 5: Adjusting the EA on MetaTrader

  • Launch your Metatrader4 or Metatrader5 trading platform.
  • Look to the left for the Navigator; if you don’t see it or it’s disabled, press [CTRL+N] or go to View –> Navigator.
  • Click on Expert Advisers, then right-click and select “Refresh” to see the EA (Forexero Copier).
  • Right-click “Forexero Copier,” then click “Attach to chart.” A confirmation prompt will appear; click “Yes.”
  • The EA will open, make sure to tick “Allow DLL imports” and “Allow Algo Trading”
  • Now go to Inputs and adjust the EA to your trading strategy, you can follow our guides on what each input does and our guide on the best inputs & strategies.
  • After you adjust the inputs based on your needs make sure to click on “save”
  • You can adjust or change the inputs any time by click on “F7”

After you have finished configuring everything, all you have to do is wait for your favorite signals to arrive. Keep in mind that your MT4/5 and Forexero Copier App must be running at all times in order to receive the signals automatically.

If you don’t want to leave your computer running all the time for personal reasons, or if you use a laptop and don’t have the option to leave the computer open, or if you use macOS/Linux, you can simply use a VPS that will keep you online 24/7, for more information, please see our VPS guide